Android Event Bus Sample

Many people still use buses, right? Same goes for the software development: Many people like and use the Event Bus pattern (sometimes called Message Bus). So what’s it? It’s simply a way of communication between different components of your software. A component called “A” says that it’s interested in an event called “E” (meaning component… Read More »

Tools and Libraries I use in my projects

Time to time I get questions about the tools, websites and the libraries I use for my Android projects. I decided to list all these under this post so I can direct people here. It’s also useful for me to keep track of all these tools and libraries. Any questions, please do not hesitate to… Read More »

A Pet Project: Tap 2 Tag

I’ve a two years old and we (me and my wife) take A LOT of photos of him. It is difficult to get him looking at the camera so we take many photos trying to catch him looking, resulting in many duplicated photos. Anyway the other day I was going through all these photos on my mobile… Read More »

Designing Your Views: Activities or Fragments?

When developing your app, one of the early questions to answer is whether to use Fragments or Activities for your UI. There has been a lot of discussions around this. Before fragments, I myself experienced using activities as UI components too. But now, using fragments has several advantages over using activities: Activities are more costly Fragments can be… Read More »

RecyclerView and a simple, sample app!

RecyclerView vs ListView At the end of this article, you’ll find a link to the simplest-possible sample Android app showing how RecyclerView works. App downloads 1500 images to show you how smooth it is to scroll all these images with RecyclerView.  Please see the screenshot at the end of the page. Let’s go through the important aspects of the… Read More »

Picasso – Sample Android App

Have I ever said I love these guys behind Picasso and some other great Android libs! I didn’t have a chance of using Picasso in the companies I worked for so I though I should develop a very simple app to figure out how it works. At the end of this article, you can find the github… Read More »

OkHttp Sample Project

I was asked about OkHttp in one of the recent interviews. I knew what OkHttp is but hadn’t done anything with it yet so I said I haven’t used it before. The interviewer took a note and I assume it was negative (: That’s why I decided to create a sample – the-simplest-possible OkHttp Android… Read More »